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Respectful Discourse

We encourage a community of open-minded individuals who engage in respectful and constructive discussions. Disagreements are natural, but please express your views in a courteous manner. Personal attacks, hate speech, or any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

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Moderation Rights

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User Accountability

Commenters are personally responsible for their contributions. By posting a comment on Creditoday, you acknowledge that the views expressed are your own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Creditoday.

Inclusion of Links

While relevant links that contribute to the discussion are welcome, links for promotional purposes or that lead to unrelated content may be removed. Ensure that your linked content is reputable, adds value to the conversation, and aligns with the topic being discussed.

Encouraging Diverse Perspectives

We value diverse opinions and encourage a variety of perspectives in the comments section. Be open to different viewpoints and engage in constructive conversations that promote learning and understanding.

Report Violations

We appreciate the vigilance of our community members. If you come across comments that violate this Comment Policy, please report them to our moderation team. Your assistance helps us maintain a positive and respectful community.

Changes to the Comment Policy

Creditoday reserves the right to update this Comment Policy. Users are encouraged to review these guidelines regularly. Continued participation in the comments section after policy updates indicates acceptance of the revised terms.

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Last update 19/02/2024